SONY DSCNations of Lithuania and Latvia are since long close neighbours that are connected by ancient Balts‘ culture. In order to foster and popularise this intrinsic culture the project International Cultural Route „Balts‘ Road“ is implemented. It aims to stimulate interest of locals and residents of other countries in regions of Lithuania and Latvia, in ancient traditions and crafts. On the 27th and 28th of April we participated in the exhibition „Days of Entrepreneurs in Zemgale“ where we presented the project to the society of Latvia for the first time.

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IMG_0596On the 10th of April we participated in the Local Action Group‘s of Pasvalys district general meeting. The mission of the project‘s team from Public Institution National Regions‘ Development Agency who went to the meeting was to present the project “International Cultural Route Balts‘ Road“.

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IMG_0074The project’s International Cultural Route “Balts’ Road” information seminar series that consisted of six information workshops in different regions of Lithuania is over. Representatives of institutions supervising heritage objects, cultural route’s service providers, tourism and government representatives, representatives of catering and accommodation establishments, education operators, community members and other concerned people from Northern Lithuania were invited to participate in seminars, to pay attention to Balts’ Road services and products that represent Balts’ traditions, broaden their knowledge of Balts’ cultural heritage and in the sphere of tourism, familiarize themselves with the project, its objectives and the tasks performed.

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DSC05722All who attended the projects’ Intercultural Route “Balts’ Road” information workshop in Telsiai were filled with extraordinary emotions and pride in inherent and Balts’ culture. Those who foster, guard and are concerned with Balts’ culture in Telsiai together with workshop lecturers (Denisas Nikitenka, Judita Stulpinaitė, Vykintas Vaitkevičius) examined objects of natural and cultural heritage, possibility of their adaptation for today’s traveler, value that is being created and emotions provided by them.

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2018-02-28│360 DEGREE COVERAGE

2498_57634b00bfb09d6d89fc01dafc426089Seeking to contribute to the achievement of the priority communication direction’s “Lithuania We Create with EU Investments” distinguished in 2014-2020 EU funds’ investments’ communication strategy objective National Regions’ Development Agency together with the partner Lithuania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts starts implementing the project “360 Degree Coverage”. (No. 12.0.1-CPVA-K-204-01).

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