IMG_0596On the 10th of April we participated in the Local Action Group‘s of Pasvalys district general meeting. The mission of the project‘s team from Public Institution National Regions‘ Development Agency who went to the meeting was to present the project “International Cultural Route Balts‘ Road“.

The project‘s manager presented the main project objectives and tasks, upcoming planned events and trainings for future Balts‘ ambasadors to business and government representatives, and community members who gathered. Each participant of the meeting had an opportunity to watch a virtual reality film revealing the beauty of nature, presenting the wildlife and vegetation, and showing territories that were inhabited by Balts‘ from a bird‘s eye view.

In the meeting we realised that the strong Pasvalys local community is characterised by oppeness, a wish to cooperate, to engage in implemented project activities and to become a part of the Balts‘ Road in the future. We invite other communities, tourism representatives and education providers to follow information about the project and organised activities, and if you wish, to invite Agency representatives to present the project in your region.


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