Three days enthusiasts of Balts’ culture from Klaipėda and Telšiai (museum workers, craftsmen, farmers, trekkers, municipality representatives) not only attentively listened to lecturers, discussed the aspects of including objects in the developed tourism itinerary, produced their own ideas, presented proposals but also simulated services under an algorithm, i.e. criteria that becomes a driving force behind providing and creating services.

During trainings lecturers created circumstances for the participants to try to empathise with their future services in the “Balts’ Road”: helped them to create a vision and a mission, asked provocative questions on choosing resources, interpreted abilities of resource usage, searched for unexpected moments and balance between emotions and rationality, developed brand strategy messages and plots and highlighted structural parts of services.

The participants agreed that while developing the tourism itinerary it is necessary to emphasise the friendship between Balts and nature: their life in nature and with it, locations of rites (stressed abilities of using festivals), rational conservation of resources (consuming only the needed amount). The participants themselves were pleasantly surprised with their created regional product “Beržoro Tribe’s Cluster”.  The “Beržoro Tribe’s Cluster” is a complex of services that can be experienced in reality. It’s main point is the Balts’ strategy of survival (connection with nature) while travelling across nature landscapes, mythical and legendary narratives, local outdoor kitchen and tasting dishes that assimilated with today’s cuisine, while searching for castles and hollyhocks.

While developing the “Beržoro Tribe’s Cluster” the participants emphasised that it is not only a game but life and survival as well. Correspondingly, the interpretation of historical and archaeological knowledge becomes very important because as the participants said, they cannot perfectly align the processes but they need to find the golden mean.


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