Three days participants of the project Intercultural route “Balts’ Road” gathered in “Bay’s Homestead” (“Įlankos sodyba”) and together with lecturers created, interpreted and reconsidered opportunities of presenting the heritage left by ancestors.

Participants examined layers of Balts’ cultural heritage: they were choosing resources for product development from tangible items (that usually remained from the tribes period), listened to lectures on reconstruction ideas, creatively interpreted, searched for common points of unique layers of Balts’ cultural heritage, analysed Balts’ intangible heritage traditions in modern ethnography, encrypted ethical and aesthetic building codes and formed loops of “Balts’ Road”.

While developing their tourism products and services participants recalled legends, incorporated ancient games, natural (geomorphological reserve) landscape characteristics.

Fairies (laumės), oaks, tritons, linguists, teaspoons, magic signs, evenings – what connects all these words? When choosing resources participants listed and draw their ideas together into one “Balts’ Road” scenario “Spoonland Storyteller” („Šaukšteliškių pasakotojas“). The oak became the connecting object and the narrative brought back to the times when nature was closer.

Participants tried to find answers about Balts for several days when there were no written records; they searched for familiar locations connected with human activities and it’s preserved residues in their regions, on the surface of the soil, in water and swamps; examined the age, purpose (communal, castle locations, etc.) and functions (especially of complexes) of mounds.  They also were interested in what and how many objects do archaeologists examine, do they follow tendencies (e.g. how tumuli were distanced from mounds and etc.), is archaeology relevant to the tourist and does it search for connection of discovered objects with written history.



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